2024 Summer SPUUR Program Materials

Below are links to materials for the 2024 SPUUR Program

  1. Program goals and requirements, expectations, links to resources, and moreHERE
  2. “Meta Monday” schedule for Week 1 through Week 10 – HERE (note that the first “Meta Monday” meeting and therefore the first SPUUR event is Wed., May 29, the day after moving into the dorms)
  3. CAIRIBU Collaborative Summit – Thursday and Friday, June 6-7. SPUUR scholars will have a unique opportunity to hear from leaders in urology research and engage in research networking activities. Program and other info HERE.
  4.  Intro to urology research at UW-Madison – A brief introduction to the urinary tract, common urologic problems, and knowledge gaps. Power Point slides HERE.
  5. Virtual Jamboree for Summer Undergraduate Students in Urology ResearchDate and time TBD; will likely be in late July. This is an annual forum for undergraduate students involved in summer research activities at other urology centers across the US. These include NIDDK-funded George M. O’Brien Urology Research Centers at UW-Madison, Stanford University, and Columbia University. UW-Madison SPUUR scholars will  prepare posters to be displayed in a virtual poster session during the jamboree, deliver “flash” talks (1-2 minutes) describing their research, and entertain questions and comments during virtual Q&A sessions.
    • ABSTRACT GUIDELINES. Headings, length, template, and other details available shortly
    • POSTER TEMPLATES. Create a PDF of your poster; you may use one of these OPTIONAL Power Point poster templates – Poster Template 1; Poster Template 2
  6. Preparing an NIH Biosketch
    • Biosketch instructions and other biosketch forms HERE (NIH Grants & Funding Page)
    • Blank biosketch form for predoctoral fellowships or positions HERE
    • Example of a predoctoral biosketch HERE
    • Penniston biosketch for grant application HERE


Dr. Kristina Penniston

Dr. Chad Vezina

PENNISTON RESEARCH: Examples of abstracts and posters

  • Swine model for diet-induced calcium oxalate kidney stones
    • Abstract  |  Poster (presented at 2015 meeting of the American Urological Association, AUA)
  • Oxalate in enteral nutrition formulas
  • Vitamin D repletion in postmenopausal women and risk for kidney stones
  • Comorbidities affect the health-related quality of life of patients with urolithiasis: cross-sectional analysis from the North American Stone Quality of Life Consortium
  • Is there an app for that? Patient and provider preferences for promoting hydration with mobile phone apps: a strategy for increasing urine volume and decreasing stone risk
    • Abstract  |  Poster (presented by student at the 2019 meeting of the AUA)